How It Works

One of a Kind

There’s nothing like JesterLine in West Virginia, so we figured you might have questions about how your time here will work.

How It Works

During your first visit to JesterLine, we will set up an eSports account for you. This account will keep track of the time you purchase. Your time will remain on your account until you use it, and it never expires.

Time can be used on any of our gaming PCs, PS4s, or Nintendo Switches. When you play at our center, you will earn virtual coins that can be redeemed for free time, snacks, or other merchandise.

If you want to play Virtual Reality, buying time works a little differently. Purchased time cannot be saved for VR, so any time not used during the session will be forfeited. We encourage groups to rent out VR pods to share time and split costs. VR is always more fun with a group!



Gaming Mouse Graphic

1-Hour Pass - $7

3-Hour Pass - $20

5-Hour Pass - $30

7-Hour Pass - $40

All-Day Pass* - $25

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Graphic

15-Minute Pass - $15

30-Minute Pass - $25

60-Minute Pass - $45

2-Hour Pass - $85

Parties & Events

Parties and Events Graphic

2-Hour Party - $225

3-Hour Party - $300

3-Hour Private Party - $500

Event Room Rental - $50/hr*