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It's hard to be objective when you're reviewing a game based on a movie franchise you absolutely love. Add to the mix that this game is the closest the old school fans are ever going to get to a true third movie with the original cast (RIP Harold Ramis). I'm attempting to do just that...
Adam C. Kittle has been playing, enjoying, and beating video games for over 30 years. Starting with walk-in arcades and Atari, then later becoming enthralled with the NES's introduction in 1985, Kittle loves to keep up with what is new and exciting in gaming, but also has a huge appreciation for gaming history, regardless of the platform. PlayStation, Super Nintendo, Apple IIe, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx, Gameboy, Dreamcast, and up through the modern gaming generation, he has years of experience with gaming on a variety of platforms. He has always viewed gaming as a fun escape into another world.

A West Virginia native, Kittle grew up in and around the small town of Elkins, and remains in the area to this day. Kittle's other interests include playing guitar, music history, reading, and he is a long time Baltimore Orioles fan. 
This is my standing effort to warn you about the content I write. There are some thematic spoilers in my writing; I can't write about a game in detail without giving some things away. I never talk about endings, however. That's something I will always leave out, for obvious reasons. With that being said, these are NOT walkthroughs. If you're looking for step-by-step answers to everything, you should probably look elsewhere. If you're looking for an authentic, in-depth take on a game from someone that's played many games, you might like what I do. I do include a few hints to help you out...that is part of how I like to write, and they're in there if you need them. I might talk about the eighth level of a game, but I'm not going to talk about every aspect of that level. I play a game, give my honest opinion and some commentary (I don't like the word "review"), and you can decide for yourself whether to buy it/play it or not. I am not being compensated for this by any gaming company, or corporation. This is a labor of love, and my opinions are my real opinions. Thanks for your time, and enjoy!  
- Adam  
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